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Senior Safety Medical Alert Reviews

Seniors looking for protection in their home will probably be interested in Senior Safety Medical alert reviews to see if the system provides them what they need. If you're looking for a system for yourself or your parent, then you'll want to make the best choice to ensure their safety by checking out the reviews.

Senior Safety Medical Alert Reviews - How Senior Safety Works

According to Senior Safety medical alert reviews from customers, the system offered by American Senior Safety is very easy to use. You will need to wear a panic button around your wrist in bracelet form or around your neck as a necklace. These panic buttons can't be damaged by water, so it's safe to wear them in your bathtub or shower.

In the event you need help, you simply need to press the panic button to connect to a 24-hour monitoring center. In less than a minute, you'll be able to speak to someone through the base unit so that they can send someone to help you out.

The attendants at the monitoring center don't just send medical professionals out to your home and leave you to fend for yourself in the meantime. They will wait for the professionals to arrive and try to assist them if possible. They will have all of your medical information on file and will provide the professionals with information such as the medications you're on or any conditions that you have.

Installation Is Easy

If you read through various Senior Safety medical alert reviews, you'll find that the system is also easy to install. You should be able to do it yourself in no time. You just need to find a nearby phone jack and electrical outlet to plug the base unit into.


You also won't have to pay any setup or activation fees. You can sign up for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual payment plans. It costs just under $25 per month to sign up for the service. You will also need to pay up to three months in advance if you sign up for the monthly payment plan. After the first three months, fees can be paid on a monthly basis.

The annual payment plan (prepay in advance) provides the greatest discounts, but some reviewers did not like the fact that they have to do an annual pre-payment to tap into the discount. That said, Senior Safety's pricing and discount structure is very similar to most other plans being offered, and their price is actually very competitive, if not one of the lowest ones for a quality service.

Wireless Range

The medical alert system offered by American Senior Safety offers a very good wireless range. The panic button is able to activate the base unit from a very long distance. It's suitable for use in homes that measure up to 2,000 to 3,000 square feet, which is impressive.

Monthly Automated Testing

It's also important that you find a system that does automatic tests. The system will be of no use to you if it's not operational whenever you need it. This system will perform automated tests of the base unit on a monthly basis.

Backup Battery

If you lose power in your home, then the electrical outlets obviously won't be able to power the base unit. To combat this problem, medical alert systems produced by Senior Safety have a battery backup system. It will provide power for up to 24 hours if you have a power outage in your home.

24 Hour Monitoring Center

Senior Safety does not have their own monitoring facility, but instead works closely with a company that operates a nationwide US based round-the-clock monitoring center. Some reviewers prefer to recommend companies that have their own monitoring center, since that theoretically implies a better level of control on their personnel. The company, though, states that they are able to maintain solid call center standards for customers; and it does appear that customers are happy with the level of service.

Senior Safety Complaints

As far as researching into Senior Safety complaints through Senior Safety reviews, we were not able to find any. The company's website also list an A+ rating with the BBB, under the business name of Get Help Now, Inc.

Overall, when you look into Senior Safety medical alert reviews, you can find many customers who are happy with the service. One thing to note is that the battery backup feature (up to 24 hours), while very useful, may also be inadequate if you experience a long power outage. However, the other features offered by the system are very good. Before rushing into any decision, take a little time to consider the pros and cons of the Senior Safety service and compare it to other services.

If you haven't done so already, check out top systems like Bay Alarm Medical and Lifestation. These are high quality systems with great customer support and ratings.