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Senior Emergency Alert System - The Top Things To Look For When Buying One

Having a senior emergency alert system can be useful if you or a loved one happen to live alone. If something happens and one is unable to call for help, all they need to do is simply push a button to be connected to someone who can assist them.

These senior emergency alert systems are called by various names such as medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems. Regardless of what they are called, it is important that you compare medical alert systems for seniors before you buy one. You'll definitely want to do some research on the company that you're about to do business with. Your life could end up being in their hands one day.

Length Of Time In Business

One of the most important things to look for is how long the senior emergency alert systems company has been in business. It's often better to choose one with plenty of experience to offer. Try to find out the background of the company too if you can. Some may have initially started out as a burglar alarm business and their operators don't have that many years of medical experience, even if the company has a long history.

Monitored Or Unmonitored?

An elderly medical alert system can connect you to a monitoring center or to a list of family members or friends. A monitored system typically the service of a monitoring center. This means that call alerts are transferred first to a trained monitoring center representative who will speak with and assist the user. In contrast, an unmonitored system will dial through a series of numbers that the equipment has been pre-programmed to call when alerts are issued.

The main advantage of a monitored medical alert system service is that it provides addition help and service to the user. Users know for sure that a live person is available to help them. The main advantage of an unmonitored system is that it is cheaper without the monthly fees. The decision to choose a monitored or unmonitored system should be carefully considered based on the preferences and individual circumstances of the user.

If you choose a senior emergency alert system that has a monitoring center, some reviewers recommend to go with a company that actually runs it. There are many systems that rely on outsourced monitoring operations. If you do choose a company that outsources their call monitoring operations, make sure to carefully consider the reviews of existing customers and check that it is working at a high standard.

Regardless, you should also evaluate how the medical alert system company manages the performance of their internal or outsourced monitoring call center operations. For example, how are the representative trained? What safety precautions are in place to ensure that all panic alerts will be promptly answered, even in case of power outages and unforseen circumstances? Be extremely careful with companies that employ outsourced call center operations.

Equipment Quality

The best medical alert system will have the best equipment. Look for equipment that is Underwriters Laboratory listed. You may have noticed the name on other pieces of equipment. If the equipment is UL listed, you can rest assured that it's high-quality equipment.

Even with the best equipment, you'll want to make sure that the equipment is functioning whenever you happen to need it. It's best that the equipment tests itself automatically every week or so. You may also have problems with the equipment, especially if you're not very technologically inclined. Make sure the company offers excellent customer support. Ideally, you'll be able to get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pricing And Contracts

One of the next things to look for when buying a senior emergency alert system is the cost involved. When signing up for a monitored elderly medical alert system, you'll have to pay a certain fee every month. If you buy an unmonitored system, you only have to buy the equipment which is a one-time payment.

Make sure that you don't just sign up for the service that you determine charges the least. You never want to sacrifice quality service when your life may be on the line.

You may have to sign a contract whenever you get an emergency alert system. This will force you to pay a severance fee if you decide to leave before your contract term is over. Some companies offer a money-back guarantee or trial so you can try out the service and see if it's right for you. This is definitely something worth looking for.

A senior emergency alert system may save your life or a loved one's life one day. That's why it makes sense to read the reviews and visit a number of medical alert services websites. Equipped with good information, you will be able to pick out the best medical alert system for your needs. See reviews here