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Safeguard Medconnect Medical Alert Review

If you're worried about the possibility of you or someone you care about getting injured and not being able to get help, then reading this Safeguard MedConnect medical alert system review is a step in the right direction.

The Safeguard MedConnect service is offered by Safeguard, a well-known name in home security services. This Arizona based company has been in business since 1961. That means a total 50 years of experience in keeping homes secure, a major part of which (25 years) includes healthcare experience as well. This monitored medical alert system will help provide you with the peace of mind knowing that help can be on the way with just the push of a button.

In this Safeguard MedConnect Medical Alert Review, we will look into how the systems works, the important features, the costs to get started, as well as the contract requirements, if any.

Safeguard MedConnect Medical Alert Review - How It Works

If you are looking into monitored personal medical alert systems, this system includes all the important functions needed. The MedConnect system consists of an emergency button that you wear at all times. There is the MedConnect station which will dial in to the monitoring center for help when the emergency button is pressed. You can wear the water-proof pendant which houses the emergency button on your wrist or around your neck.

The MedConnect Station can be activated from up to 300 feet away with the emergency button. This should be enough space to activate it from your driveway or garden if you are outside when something happens. Just like with the best medical alert systems, the MedConnect station offers two-way communication so you can speak to the monitoring center and they can speak to you. Also, there is a battery backup so you'll be protected even when the power is out in your home.

Safeguard Medconnect Medical Alert Review - 24 Hour Monitoring Center

One of the most important features about the Safeguard system is that it's backed by a 24-hour monitoring center. The monitoring operation isn't outsourced and handled by a professional staff. The specialists that you talk to on the other end of the line are all specially trained, and have your medical and emergency contact information on file.

According to information provided by Safeguard Medconnect, their monitoring center is U.L. listed, which is a great qualification. UL listed centers must pass annual inspections and demonstrate a high level of competence in their operational process so that customer calls are always routed and answered properly.

For anyone seriously comparing medical alert systems, the in-house monitoring center is an important point to take note of. Many users of such systems are careful about choosing vendors who train and run their monitoring center in-house, rather than outsourced to another company, as they believe the monitoring center agents will be held to a higher standard.

Safeguard Medconnect Medical Alert Review - Ease Of Set-Up

If you've made the decision to buy the system after reading the Safeguard MedConnect medical alert system review, you'll be happy to know that getting started is incredibly easy. You don't have to be technologically inclined to plug the MedConnect station into a power outlet and phone line. If you ever have any trouble, you can get in touch with the customer service team 24 hours a day.

The system works with regular phone lines as well as DSL phone lines with use of a DSL filter. It does not work with cell phones, just as pretty much most other home medical alert systems do not.

SafeGuard MedConnect Service Contracts And Fees

With Safeguard Medconnect personal medical alert system, you don't have to purchase any equipment to get started. There are also no activations fees, nor long-term contracts to sign. Payment arrangement is quite versatile. You have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Paying on a quarterly or annual basis will save you some time and hassle, but not money. It costs $105 for quarterly payments and $420 for annual payments. If you sign up for a monthly payment plan, it comes to $35 every month. There are no activation or connection fees to worry about.

Current Safeguard customers will also receive an additional 25% off the price. At the time of this writing, the company is also offering a 1 month free promotion.

Buying a personal medical alert system is a serious decision. You certainly don't want to sign up for a company that's not reputable or doesn't offer much experience. That's probably why customers have been choosing to go with Safeguard MedConnect. As stated earlier, this company having been founded in 1961, offers over 50 years of experience. They're also licensed, bonded, and insured.

In terms of SafeGuard MedConnect complaints, we researched online and were not able to find any. That does not mean that there are no complaints at all, only that there are no incidents of people venting their dissatisfaction. It's a good sign though.

If you're still hesitant to buy after reading the Safeguard MedConnect medical alert system review, then you can get a free consultation from the company. Don't buy if you aren't convinced that you'll be receiving one of the best medical alert systems in the market today. There are other medical alert systems reviews reported on this website or elsewhere. But try not to wait too long to decide, as you never know when an emergency will occur.

If you are already a SafeGuard MedConnect medical alert system user and like to add your views, click here: SafeGuard MedConnect medical alert system review - add my own.