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Going through Rescue Alert reviews will help you decide whether the system is right for you or your elderly parent. A medical alert system like the Rescue Alert system is useful for offering a feeling of security, even for elderly people living at home alone who may need help at some point.

Rescue Alert Reviews

There are many medical alarm systems in the market today and Rescue Alert is one of the leading ones. Let's take a closer look through this Rescue Alert Review.

Company Background

Rescue Alert is a medical alert systems company with a strong 25+ year track record. The company started in 1986 in Utah. Rescue Alert of California is another division of the company. The company has built a solid reputation based on its commitment to servicing the needs of it customers and helping them lead an independent lifestyle. The company website explains that a major focus of the company is excellence in their staff recruitment and training. Alongside that, the company has also invested into research and technology to develop quality equipment and a reliable system.

Rescue Alert Review: How The Rescue Alert System Works

According to Rescue Alert reviews from customers, it's easy to understand and use the Rescue Alert system. You will be provided with a base unit and a panic button. As a system user, you can choose to wear a panic button in the form of a necklace or a bracelet. If something happens, you can press the panic button to issue an alert.

Through the service, you are connected to a medical monitoring center with trained attendants ready to take emergency calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. These EMD trained attendants will notify emergency medical responders or one of your family members to come help you. They stay on the line until emergency help arrives. For customers who do not speak English, there are trained language interpreters fluent in over 170 languages standing to help.

Customers speak with medical alert monitoring center attendants through an intelligent base console unit that has a speaker and a microphone. You will need to plug the base unit into the telephone jack. This way, it will be able to call the response center whenever you press the panic button.

As a Rescue Alert system user, you will be asked to wear the panic button at all times, as you never know when an emergency will happen. Rescue Alert panic bracelets and pendants are waterproof, so it's fine to wear them when showering, taking a bath, and even when swimming.

In the past, some customers have felt medical alert jewelry is unattractive. To counter that, Rescue Alert now offers a stylish sterling silver necklace with a magnetic clasp so that it's easy to take it on and off when needed.

Rescue Alert Installation Is Easy

Installation of Rescue Alert system is really easy. Self-intallation is something most users have little problems with. You will simply need to plug the base unit into an electrical outlet and a telephone jack. You'll have the system up and running in no time, even if you're not a technological wizard.

Well-Designed Medical Alarm System Base Unit

The Rescue Alert medical alarm system base console unit is not only an attractive piece of medical alert system equipment, it has been engineered to perform. The unit contains a powerful speaker and microphone to facilitate clear two-way conversations between the customer and the monitoring center attendant.

In a market where a lot of medical alert system equipment is a rehash of what's out there, or copied from home alarm systems, Rescue Alert has definitely put some good thought and research into making this a worthy component to a high quality medical alert system. This base console unit will also do intelligent system diagnostics to track its own power status, and the power status of the panic button, and the status of the phone connection.

Long Range Panic Button

A key feature of the Rescue Alert service is the long wireless range of the panic button. If you live in a large home, this is something to pay attention to. You can use the panic button as far as approximately 600 feet away from the base unit. In open air testing, the range goes as high as 1,000 feet. Almost all other medical alarm system services cannot match their maximum range. The few that can usually require customers to pay for enhanced equipment costs.

The speaker system inside the base unit should also be able to pick up your voice over a long distance. According to a customer review, the user was able to establish good contact at over 30 feet away. In situations where no clear communications can be established, the attendants will dispatch help according to pre-defined instructions.

Rescue Alert Review: Monitoring Reliability & Battery Backup

EMD Certified Attendants

One of the best reasons to consider the medical alert system provided by Rescue Alert is because they have EMD certified attendants. EMD stands for Emergency Medical Dispatcher. This means that the person you're talking to has been trained and certified to provide voice assistance in cases of medical emergencies. They understand the best way to handle and dispatch help in medical emergency situations.

Most other medical alert system services do not to offer this level of expertise for their call monitoring personnel. Some firms also outsources their medical monitoring services to outside companies with varying standards. Having well-trained monitoring center attendants standing by 24/7 to offer assistance provides added assurance regarding the effectiveness of the service.

Automated Monthly Testing

Another great feature of the Rescue Alert system is that it performs automated testing on a monthly basis. Since medical alarms are basically only used during emergencies, we tend not to have to touch it much. However, you'll want to ensure that it's operational whenever you need it. That's where having automated monthly testing becomes vital. The default option is the voice test. Once a month, you will be connected with a company attendant to verify that everything is fine with your equipment.

For users who prefer a more unobtrusive testing procedure, Rescue Alert also offers a dial test. The base unit will silently connect to the company's system. You will only be called if a signal is not received properly. By supplementing this with a monthly manual test at your convenience, you can ensure that the system is fully functioning.

Emergency Battery Backup

Users also report that Rescue alert systems offer a better back-up battery system than many other options. This system's battery backup can provide up to 90 hours of power. Having a long battery backup is especially important in the event of a power failure in your home. This is a top consideration for a number of users, and pay attention to this feature when buying a good medical alert system.

Rescue Alert Complaints

When we tried to look into Rescue Alert complaints online, we found little to report. Both Rescue Alert and Rescue Alert of CA have A+ BBB online rankings. There have been no BBB complaints (for both Rescue Alert and Rescue Alert of CA) in the last 3 years either. With most businesses that serve a large number of customers, whether they are in the medical alert field or not, it is not unusual to catch a few complaints along the way. To have zero complaints definitely says something about the quality of their operations.

Rescue Alert Cost and Contracts

Any Rescue Alert review will not be complete without highlighting the affordable pricing and flexibility of terms. For starters, there are no installation fees or long term contracts. You can access the service and equipment on a monthly basis and cancel at any time. You can choose to rent the equipment necessary for use with the system or buy it outright. If you purchase the equipment for approximately $200 upfront, you will only have to pay $16 a month for the monitoring service.

When renting the equipment, you can sign up for monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plans. Currently, the cost of the monthly plan is $29 a month and the price drops to $22 a month with annual prepayment. Through Rescue Alert of CA, you will find the best deal of $20 a month with an annual payment plan option.

Overall, Rescue Alert reviews from customers are quite positive. This is certainly a system to keep in consideration for anyone looking to buy the best medical alert system for themselves or a loved one.

Alternative medical alert systems worth looking into include Bay Alarm Medical and Lifestation. Both these systems receive consistently high customer ratings.

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