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No Fee Medical Alert Systems Explained and Compared

No fee medical alert systems are devices that connect you with help in the event of an emergency. With this type of system, you're usually forced to pay an ongoing monthly fee since you'll be connected to a monitoring center. This isn't the case with no fee systems.

With no fee medical alert systems, you'll have to program a series of numbers into the device to call instead of a monitoring center. This series of numbers can consist of family members and neighbors. It's usually not advised to call 911 first without trying to get into contact with someone else first. However, 911 will definitely need to be on the list in case no one else is available to call them for you once contacted.

No Fee Medical Alert Systems Explained

No fee medical alert systems are sometimes loosely referred to as free medical alert systems, in the sense that they are monthly fee-free to operate on an ongoing basis. You will still need to pay for the equipment initially, though. You won't be renting it from a company and you won't be relying on their monitoring system, so you'll have no bill to pay after this initial purchase. It's important that you keep your phone bill paid though, since the system relies on your phone to make the calls.

One of the primary advantages of choosing no fee medical alert systems is that they will be cheaper in the long run. The most advanced systems on the market nowadays cost between $250 and $300. If you pay $20 a month for a system, you will spend $240 after the first year, and $480 if you keep the service for two years.

This isn't including any setup or one-time fees that the company may charge you. You should be able to see how quickly one of these free medical alert systems can pay for itself.

You should be aware that some of these systems are basically just autodialers. They will simply call a list of numbers, wait for someone to pick up, then play a recording. Other monthly fee free systems allow for one-way communication so you can speak if you're able to do so.

Life Link Medical Alert

When it comes to getting one of these systems, there are two great options to choose from. One is Life Link which has been on the market since 1995. To use their system, you will need to pay a one-time fee of approximately $300 for the equipment, although they frequently run sales so you can get it cheaper.

With Life Link monthly fee-free medical alert systems, you can use the water-resistant pendant to have the device call a series of numbers. Once someone is on the line, they can listen in to noise in the room to see what's going on. The system is also equipped with a siren that produces 65 decibels worth of noise to help get your neighbor's attention.

Personal Senior Monitor

Another option is the Personal Senior Monitor. This system costs $150 and gives you the option of programming up to four numbers in the device. Whenever someone answers, it will play a recording and prompt them to press 0 to listen into the room. It also makes use of a siren to help alert your neighbors.

No fee medical alert systems can certainly help save you a bit of money every month. More importantly, they'll still offer peace of mind knowing that you can get help whenever you need it.