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Medical Alert Systems With Auto Fall Alert Detection

Medical alert systems with auto fall detection is fast gaining popularity as users seek out systems that offer enhanced features. The auto alert feature ensures that even if the user loses consciousness and cannot click on the emergency button to issue an alert, they can still get the help they need.

In the Healthcare Unbound conference in 2010, auto fall detection alert has been described as one of the new features in medical alert systems for the Personal Emergency Response Systems 2.0 (PERS 2.0) era.

Medical alert systems provide peace of mind to users who know that help is just a click of a button away if something bad happens. A basic medical alert system consists of 3 main parts: a wireless button transmitter usually worn as a bracelet or a necklace, a base console unit that has a built-in speakerphone connected to the phone line and connection to a 24/7 monitoring center with trained agents ready to access callers.

Clicking an emergency button to summon help is almost as easy as it comes, but some users wonder what happens if they fall or experiences a medical condition that renders them unconscious or incapacitates them to the extent that they are unable to press the button. That is where a medical alert system with auto fall alert detection comes in. It incorporates a sensor within the wireless button transmitter.

In normal cases, users can still the button in case of emergencies. However, the sensor also acts as a fall detector to see if the wearer of the transmitter device (eg. necklace) has fallen. If so, this activates an automatic alarm to the monitoring center. A monitoring agent will them get on the line to help the user, or dispatch help as needed.

As much as automatic fall detection is a great and much needed service, providers are quick to caution that these devices cannot detect falls 100% of the time. However, they do provide an additional layer of protection.

Medical Alert Systems Auto Alert Pricing

Medical alert systems with auto fall detection and alert is still in the minority but fast gaining popularity. They cost about $40 - $55 a month, which makes them $20 - $30 more expensive than classic medical alert systems. Another reason is that some seniors may not like to be bothered speaking with call operators from time to time in cases when fall detection alerts are erroneously transmitted. As it is, some seniors are already less than comfortable in signing on with a regular medical alert systems service, because of the discomfort of speaking to people they are not familiar with.

Philips Lifeline AutoAlert Fall Detection

Currently, there are very few medical alarm providers that offer auto fall alert detection in their packages. As a leader in providing medical alert systems, Philips Lifeline medical alert system was the first to offer it.

The Philips Lifeline AutoAlert system is based on patented technology. Multiple sensors and microprocessors within the Lifeline pendant constantly monitors the changes in motion. The orientation of the user from a horizontal position, height and acceleration are monitored to detect falls. The system is intelligent enough to differentiate normal changes in motion such as getting out of bed or from a chair from most falls.

Alerts can be still be issued manually by pressing the button just like with any other system, but in addition, it will also automatically place a call to the monitoring center if it detects a fall. The fall detection also incorporates a 30 second gap for the user to have a chance get up by themselves before activating an alert.

The Philips Lifeline AutoAlert service costs $50 - $55 a month and is available through their website, local distributors, hospitals and local social service agencies. If you are interested, you can read the Philips Lifeline reviews page here.

Automated Security Alert Auto Fall Alert System

Another medical alert systems company that offers auto alert fall detection is Automated Security Alert, ASA, based out of Pennsylvania. Their auto alert system is known as FallGuard Pro. The fall detector incorporates a sensor that will detect motion of tilting by more than 60 degrees for a predefined period (usually set at a minute).

Like the Lifeline pendant, users of the ASA auto fall detection system can manually issue an alert as they would with any regular medical alert system. In addition, medical alert calls are automatically placed when a fall has been detected. ASA is one of the few companies with the auto fall alert option, and for an affordable price of $39.50 a month.



While having an auto fall alert system is great in theory, many users are hesitant about getting it. For one, the price is an impediment. Secondly, they are still relatively new. False alerts can occur, which can be troublesome to deal with every now and then. This is especially so if the user is just getting used to the idea of using a medical alert system.

How Philips Lifeline AutoAlert Works