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Medical Alert Systems And Fire Alarms - How One Woman Saved The Lives Of Others And Herself

Besides medical emergencies, senior medical alert systems can help users in case of fire alarms as well. Here's a true life example that happened in Apr 2012.

In April 2012, an electrical malfunction caused a fire to start in Aptos Hills, in Santa Cruz county, California. A woman in the home was waken up by her smoke alarm. Since she was a medical alert systems subscriber, she was able to press her emergency button for help.

With the help of the monitoring agent from the center, the firefighters were summoned to offer immediate assistance, saving people living in two households. A bedroom and bathroom was still burned through by the fire, but the damage would have been a lot worse if not for her issuing the alert.

Monitored medical alert systems offer subscribers help when emergencies happen. Usually, they are used in case of medical emergencies, such as when the user falls down or has a stroke. By pressing the emergency SOS button, a monitoring agent will come on the line and speak with the user to offer assistance.

In this case, it was not a medical emergency, but a fire alarm. Still, monitoring agents will help to summon help in any way that they can. Besides fires, medical alerts through these systems have also helped with other sorts of emergencies, such as when a fire happens.

Some alert systems can be directly wired to fire alarms, such that when the fire alarm rings, it also triggers an alert to medical alert monitoring center agents. This direct monitoring is often an add-on service that would entail extra costs, but they provide additional protection. In cases where the user is not home to activate an alarm, the monitoring agent can still dispatch help.

However, even with medical alert basic systems, there are monitoring agents standing by 24/7 that can speak with the user to offer help. Besides fires, these systems have been known to help with cases of burglaries and other kinds of emergencies and hurt experienced by their mostly senior users.

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