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Is the LifeStation medical alert service right for you? Based on LifeStation reviews from users and reports, it is a high quality service at a reasonable cost. On this page is a detailed review of the Lifestation system, so please scroll down if you like to find out more.

To visit the official LifeStation medical alert service website, click here: Life Station or call toll-free 1-866-260-2696. Enter coupon code SAVEMAS to save an additional $3 a month or $36 a year. It applies to all payment options: monthly, quarterly or annual payment.

How LifeStation Works

LifeStation offers systems that work both in and out of the home. For it's in-home systems, each user has the option to wear a small emergency panic button as a necklace pendant, or on the wrist with a wristband. When an emergency happens, the user can press the button. This immediately initiates contact between the customer and the Lifestation monitoring center through a phone call. Two-way communication is done via the base unit, which acts like a speakerphone. The monitoring center representative is trained to stay on the phone with the user until help arrives. Besides dispatching help to the person, it is also comforting to receive immediate help and attention from someone talking to a person going through an emergency.

There are options for additional buttons to be placed conveniently in the bathroom or hallways. These are extra add-ons that make the system more convenient to access in case of emergencies.

Mobile GPS Premium Pendant

Besides in-home medical alert systems, LifeStation offers customers the option of a mobile GPS premium pendant that is designed for both in-home and out-of-home use. For seniors who are often out and about, this is a great option to consider. This mobile pendant comes embedded with a speaker and microphone that facilitates convenient voice communications with a monitoring center representative. It does not need to pair up with a separate and larger base unit like standard at-home medical alert systems. This nifty pendant can be worn both either around the neck or else with a belt clip.

Pacemaker wearers should check with their doctor before using this device, or other similar GPS-enabled medical alert devices.

Installation And Set-Up

Setting up is easy and akin to setting up a an answering machine to your phone. The company says it is a typically a 5 minute process, and most customers seem to agree. The company will ship the equipment out to you, including a set-up guide. The great thing is that it also eliminates any installation charges that some companies charge $50 to $100 and much more for.

Besides setting up and testing that the equipment works, you also want to contact the monitoring center to set up a personalized emergency response plan. Through this plan, you can list the people (family, neighbors, friends etc) that you wish to be contacted in case of emergencies.

Lifestation Review - System Reliability

Comparing Lifestation with other medical services out there, they score extra well in terms of their wide wireless range and well-trained monitoring center staff.


The wireless range of the standard at-home system measures 500 ft in an open air range. This is a very wide range and ranks highly amongst the competition. In indoor environments with walls and other obstacles, the range may diminish. Nevertheless, it is still powerful enough for most practical scenarios. One lady was very concerned about whether her mum will be able to issue an alert successfully from a bathroom that is further from the base medical alert console unit. She tested it, it worked, and she was well-pleased.

Customers who want a really long range system that works everywhere can consider LifeStations's Mobile GPS Premium Pendant. This pendant will work wherever the cellular phone signals are good. It is not subject to range restrictions that classic home medical alert systems have. For more information, please contact LifeStation directly at toll-free 1-866-260-2696.

Monitoring Center

The quality of the Lifestation monitoring and response center is what really separates this service from similar services being offered.

In an age where it is more economical for medical alert monitoring calls to be outsourced to an outside partner firm, the Life Station company prides itself for managing and operating its own monitoring center. The company recognizes that providing good emergency monitoring help is vital for the safety of their senior customers. The ability to closely monitor call standards in critical, and they feel its best done if they were to manage it directly, rather than depend on an outside monitoring company's promises.

Lifestation care specialists must complete an intensive 6 week training program and pass a review process. The call center itself is Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) certified and UL listed.

Emergency calls received are monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure continued high quality standards from all specialists. Lifestation care specialists are trained to stay on the line with customers needing help until the help arrives.

Phone Line Options

The LifeStation system works best with a traditional land phone line. However, if you do not have a traditional phone line, you can still access their full medical alert service. This is because the system also works with most VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems.

If the user only has a cell phone or no home phone line, they can also access the service through LifeStation's at-home cellular alert system. Through a wireless phone connection, this base unit will connect customers to the same UL certified monitoring center as their regular service. There is an upgrade fee for this option, but there is no need to pay for a VoIP or landline to have the service work. To learn more, LifeStation can be reached at toll-free 866-260-2696. When ordering the service, let the representative know that you are subscribing without a land phone line.

Users subscribing to LifeStation's mobile GPS premium pendant can rely on the cellular connection that comes included with the pendant's subscription. There is no need to separately subscribe to a cell phone line for this pendant to work.

Auto Fall Alert Detection

LifeStation offers customers the option to add auto fall alert detection to their subscriptions. The fall detection help button has a sensor that is able to detect if a fall has taken place and activate a call to the monitoring center on its own. This is done without the senior customer having to press on their help button manually to activate an emergency call.

This feature is particularly useful for seniors who are unable to press the button during the times when help is needed. Customers who experience episodes of fainting, suffer from temporary loss of consciousness, have a tendency to be disoriented when trauma happens, or who have mobility issues may find this a worthwhile option to consider.

Keep in mind that automatic fall detection cannot detect all falls. Customers should still press on their buttons manually whenever they need to and are able to, rather than wait for the fall detection mechanism to activate the alert call.

Regular Tests

To ensure that the system works over time, even if the user has not been using it, the LifeStation system will automatically check periodically to make sure the system is still connected and functioning properly. Most systems do not have any type of automatic checking feature. This is an important feature as most times, the systems are not needed for a while after installing them. The worse thing that can happen is to have as a system malfunction just when it is needed. The company also encourages users to manually check their systems each month as an additional check.

What Happens When Power Goes Out

Should power go out, the Life Station landline home medical alert system will continue to work through power provided by a backup battery that will last for up to 32 more hours.

LifeStation Cost

Another big plus with this quality system is the reasonable pricing and no long term contract terms. The standard landline system costs $29.95 to run each month, with additional discounts for seniors and quarterly or annual prepayments. Through our site, readers can get a discount of $3 a month through the coupon code SAVEMAS.

Premium options like their cellular base unit, automatic fall detection and mobile GPS will increase the cost. If you are interested and like a full quote, please call toll-free 1-866-260-2696.

There are no contracts. The service can be canceled anytime with 30 days notice and upon return of the equipment. The company does not give refunds for amounts that have been prepaid ahead of time.

You can enter the coupon code SAVEMAS to save an extra $3 a month. That works out to $23.95 a month for the Lifestation standard home medical alert system when paid on an annual basis. This $3 a month discount applies to all payment options: monthly, quarterly or annual. For more information, LifeStation can be reached at toll-free 1-866-260-2696.


The good news is that LifeStation reviews are on the whole positive. Users like the operational reliability of the service, the easy and free installation, and reasonable pricing.

To sign up for the service at a discount (save $3 per month), click here: Life Station and enter SAVEMAS when you sign up. You can also call toll-free 1-866-260-2696 and mention the code SAVEMAS to receive the special discount.

If you are already a Life Station medical alert service user, you can add your personal feedback here: Lifestation reviews - add my own.

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