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LifeFone Reviews

Seniors looking for medical alert systems to ensure their safety will likely be interested in reading LifeFone reviews. The company has been around since 1976, so it is pretty well-established.

LifeFone Reviews - How LifeFone Works

With the LifeFone system, you will need to wear a wristlet or pendant at all times. These pieces of jewelry contain a panic button that will prompt the base unit to call the monitoring system.

As with most medical alert systems, whenever you push the panic button, an attendant will try to communicate with you via the speaker in the base unit. If needed, they will send emergency personnel to your home. They can also notify your family members or neighbors if you need help.

The bracelet or pendant housing the panic button is also waterproof. This means that you can safely wear it at all times, even in the shower or bath. You also don't need to worry about replacing the batteries inside the pendant which can be very difficult for frail individuals.

LifeFone Reviews - Range, Installation, Cost


Going through LifeFone reviews information, we find that like that the system has an impressive range. The panic button is designed to work up to 600 feet away from the base unit. If you are like a lot of the users, this range will allow you to access the system anywhere in your home. This should also you the ability to use the system from areas outside your home such as the patio or garden. For larger homes and areas, LifeFone offers an optional Long Range help button that will extend the range to up to 1,000 feet.

One of the best aspects of the LifeFone system is that it's very versatile. If you ever move out of your home, you can easily take the system with you. You'll simply need to call the company and update your contact information. You can do this if you're relocating permanently or just for a week.

Installation And Set-Up

People who have used this system tout the fact that it's very easy to install and activate. Even if you're not technically proficient, you should be able to do it with ease. You simply need to plug the base unit into one of your phone lines (landline) and connect it to an electrical outlet for power. A regular land telephone line is needed to use the LifeFone medical alert system.

LifeFone System Battery Backup

Whether you get on the LifeFone medical alert system, or any other type of personal medical alert system, it is a good idea to understand what the backup battery life is in case of power failures. With LifeFone, the battery backup system is designed to provide up to 36 hours of power if you have a power failure in your home.

To combat this however, Life Fone's response center will be alerted whenever the equipment suffers a power failure. They will then respond according to your custom Emergency Care Plan.

LifeFone Complaints

Looking through reviews for LifeFone customer complaints online, we were not able to find many. On the BBB online site, the company show a A+ rating and have only 7 complaints in the 3 years.

LifeFone Cost

You will undoubtedly want to know how much the Life Fone system costs to use. If you sign up for the monthly billing package, you will pay just under $30 each month. You can reduce this rate by signing up for quarterly or annual billing. These prices are around $30 a month and $25 a month respectively.

Customers also like the fact that the LifeFone system is free to activate. They won't be tethered to the company by a long-term contract either. If you aren't happy with the service, you can cancel it at any time with no additional charges.

Lifetime Product Warranty

The equipment used for the LifeFone system is also backed by a 100% lifetime warranty. According to the LifeFone website, (faulty) equipment will be quickly replaced at no charge.

As you can see from different LifeFone reviews, the company offers a quality service at an affordable rate. Having been in business for over three decades, they are certainly doing something right.

You may want to keep LifeFone in mind as you go through more reviews to find the right medical alert system for yourself or a loved one. This is an important purchase and it is certainly worth making a little effort to check things out in the beginning. A good alternative system to compare against is Lifestation. It is consistently ranked high by reviewers, and has an in-house CASS certified staff handling emergency calls.

If you are already a customer, you can also add your own review here: LifeFone reviews - add my own.