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Is the Life Alert medical alert service right for you? To provide you with relevant information, we pored through Life Alert reviews from users, their website and research reports to bring you this review.

A Review Of How Life Alert Works

The Life Alert emergency response system for medical protection will connect a user to local emergency medical services like the fire department or paramedics in case of medical emergencies. The user wears a small medical alert device like a pendant around the neck or a watch around the wrist. When an emergency arises, they can simply press a "panic button" and that will connect them to Life Alert's monitoring center personnel. The live support person will be able to call for help on their behalf. This monitoring response service is offered round the clock, 24/7.

The company is famous for the "I've fallen and I can't get up!®" line in their popular commercials running on cable and daytime TV. Currently, they've also trademarked that slogan. Besides falling down as a common medical emergency, other medical emergencies that could evoke use of the system include conditions like stroke, heart attack and seizures.

Besides the emergency response to medical conditions, Life Alert offers additional monitoring services for carbon monoxide (CO2), fire and home invasion. These are available through upgrade options that can be discussed with the sales representative.

Installation And Set-Up

Installation of the Life Alert system is done by professionals who will come the customer's home to set it up. Typically, it costs around $300 to get the system set-up and activated. These installation appointments can be scheduled through the representative.

The Life Alert base unit need to be connected to a phone line to work. That means that the system will not work should the phone system break down for any reason. The service works best with regular land phone lines. It should also work with most standard VoIP (voice over IP) telephone services such as the Vonage service, but not Magic Jack or cell phones. If you are using any phone service other than a regular land line, it is best to check with the representative how well Life Alert will work with the phone service you have for your home.

Life Alert Review - System Reliability

Breadth Of Wireless Range

The wireless range is 150 ft according to a sales representative. As a comparison, some of the other systems like Rescue Alert or ADT Medical Alert publish higher ranges like 300 ft and more. However, for practical purposes, what is offered by Life Alert is a wide enough range for home use.

It is important to understand that reception and clear communications is not just the range between the panic button and base unit. The other factor to be aware of is whether clear two-way communications can be established. Let's say a user falls down in another room from the base unit, clicks the panic button and successfully issues a medical alert.

This alone is excellent and could prompt the staff to alert local emergency medical services. However, the user may still not be able to establish two-way communications with the monitoring staff person if he or she is too far from the base unit. The alert pendent does not act as a microphone, communications to and from is done through the base unit. Scenarios like this is something that should be discussed with the representative before you sign up, so you know what to expect.

Emergency Response Time Is Quick

The response time is said to be very fast by users. Although the company does not publish any numbers about the average response time, some industry reviewers put it at around 50 seconds and faster.

Ongoing Tests

Most times, medical alerts are not necessary for a while after installation of the service. There are horror stories about how a service has installed and not needed for a year or two, and then they are needed, was found to be faulty. Don't let that happen to you or a love one.

To make sure that Life Alert equipment remains fully operational, the system should be tested regularly (eg. every month or two). Some services like the ADT medical service offer monthly reminders to test the system out, but with Life Alert, these reminders are not built in. Therefore, users need to be mindful to keep tabs on the system. There are instructions provided on how to run such tests.

What Happens When Power Goes Out

One of the key questions that people worry about is what happens when power runs out. With Life Alert, there is a backup power source through the battery that offers 24-48 hours of continued power for the system.

Life Alert Reviews From Customers

After my mother fell off her bed, she pushed the Life Alert button and got an immediate response. The paramedics were alerted. The representative stayed on the phone with her until help arrived. The situation was handled extremely well.

M. S. (Jun '11)

Positive Life Alert Reviews

My mother was in her eighties signed up for Life Alert through a very aggressive sales rep. She was tied down to a three year contract at an expensive monthly cost. Eventually, she was hospitalized and the folks there recommended an alternative. We liked the new service better, as it is reliable, easy to use, maintain, and there is no long term contract requirement.

Sketco (Dec '08)

Negative Life Alert Reviews -

If you are already a Life Alert user and like to add your voice, visit: Life Alert reviews - add my own.

Life Alert Complaints

The Life Alert company website boasts over 16,000 testimonials and positive reviews. On the flipside, it has also received a number of consumer complaints. Most of the complaints have to do with the aggressive sales process involved and being locked into long contracts. It also appears that many of these representatives are independent reps working on full commissions and sometimes offer conflicting information about the service.

In 2004, the company sued a consumer complaint website,, for publishing such complaints. Eventually, an amicable settlement was reached.

Life Alert Cost

While the Life Alert website does not provide any quotes, we were able to piece together what some of the typical cost associated with this system is through customer feedback. To get started, Life Alert cost $295.00 for installation and activation. Ongoing monthly charges range from $50 to $70, depending on your location and package of services chosen. There is also a typical 3 year contract period. One customer who have reviewed the contract saw a clause that will automatically renew the service for another 3 years if the contract is not canceled 6 months after expiration.

If you are interested in the service, it is best to contact a Life Alert representative for actual quotes and contract stipulations on your particular needs.


On an operational level, most Life Alert reviews say the medical alert service works well. Access to a medical alert service like this could literally save a person's life. The main disadvantages may be having with deal with aggressive sales representatives, the high pricing and being locked into a three-year contract. Choosing the right medical alert services is an important matter. As such, we recommend that our readers take time to compare Life Alert with reviews of other like Bay Alarm Medical or Lifestation and go over the various costs and benefits offered before deciding.