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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector And Smoke Alarm KN-COSM-B Review

If you realize how dangerous carbon monoxide or CO2 can be, then you may want to check out the Kidde carbon monoxide detector, specifically the well rated KN-COSM-B model. You would also need to buy a smoke detector for your home, but there's no need to do so with this model. You can detect both with a single unit.

Type of Hazard Indicator

According to satisfied users, this carbon monoxide and smoke detector distinguishes itself from other detectors in a huge way through this feature. Instead of sounding a generic alarm whenever it detects something, it will actually tell you what type of hazard to expect. With a voice telling you what was detected, you can react much more quickly to the situation.

It is very common for smoke or CO2 alarms to go off accidentally. If they do, at least you'll know that they're functioning somewhat correctly. However, it can be somewhat annoying if it happens in the middle of the night or when you're trying to cook something.

Allows You To Easily Turn The Alarm Off In Case Of False Emergencies

This carbon monoxide and smoke detector largely takes care of this problem. If it goes off without it being a real emergency, then you can simply hush it by pressing a button. This will deactivate the alarm for ten minutes. This is enough time to clear the house of smoke that you produced while trying to cook. People who reviewed the Kidde carbon monoxide detector on Amazon particularly liked this feature.

That said, it is wise to err on the side of safety when employing this feature. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, and you can't tell if it is present without any special sensors. One women reviewer said that she was worried about calling 911 based on a false alarm. When the emergency responders arrived and did a check, it turned out that there was in fact carbon monoxide gas in her home.

Backup Battery

CO2 alarms are useless if they don't have a constant source of power. This would only be an issue during a power outage for hard-wired models. Having a battery backup is an important safeguard for this though. The design of this Kidde carbon monoxide and smoke alarm ensures that a battery backup is in place. You are prevented from mounting the unit properly unless you have batteries installed in it.

Test-Reset Button

Like all standard detectors, this model is fitted with a test-reset button. You will need to use this button periodically to ensure that the detector is functioning like it's supposed to. It's vital that it be ready to detect fire or carbon monoxide whenever it's needed.

End Of Life Warning

One of the final features that customers have liked is the end of life warning system. The carbon monoxide unit will lose its effectiveness after being in operation for a certain period of time. When this happens, you'll need to get a new one. This model will notify you when the time is right.


Everyone didn't give the smoke and CO2 detector positive reviews though. Some have complained that it didn't actually work like it was supposed to. One reviewer even stated that his house was filled with smoke after burning his food on the stove and the detector didn't make a sound for quite a few minutes. He wondered if he could really count on the unit in the case of an emergency.

Although the end of life feature was useful, some people didn't like it. It basically means that the unit is worthless after that point and they'll be forced to get another one. However, if the unit won't be effective, there's no point in keeping it around anyway.

Overall High Rating

Overall, it rates very highly with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on over 200 user ratings. This Kidde carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm is also a best-selling choice as many shoppers recognize the value. Kidde is a trusted brand for carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. With plenty of positive reviews and customers saying that customer service is excellent if you ever experience any problems, it definitely worth considering. It's priced at $40 and less.

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