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If you're interested in getting a medical alarm for yourself or your loved ones, then reading Bay Alarm Medical reviews will be quite helpful. You’ll want to know things such as how easy it is to install, whether the system works reliably, and how much it costs. Scroll down to learn more.

To learn more, call toll-free 1-855-544-7516 or visit the official Bay Alarm Medical alert service website, click here: Bay Alarm Medical. Bay Alarm Medical offers various special discounts and the best way to access them is to call 1-855-544-7516 and ask.

In this Bay Alarm Medical review, we will first look into the background of the company, how Bay Alarm medical works, the ease of installation and set-up, and the cost of the system.

Bay Alarm Medical Review: Background & What Users Like

Bay Alarm Medical is the medical alert systems arm of Bay Alarm, a respected Californian company that has been providing security monitoring services for over six decades ago. They are a family owned company that operates on the mission of protecting the most important things in life - family, health and independence.

In more recent years, Bay Alarm has expanded into offering home medical alert systems with success. Going through customer reviews, we understand that customers have chosen this system amongst others because they are aware of Bay Alarm's reputation in security monitoring.

In their Bay alarm medical reviews, customers complimented Bay Alarm’s team of employees and operators. User reviews stated that Bay Alarm's team were all very helpful and professional in their approach.

The system installed smoothly and worked when they tested it. So far, the company appears to have done a great job in leveraging their knowledge and expertise in operating home and business security monitoring systems to provide a high quality medical alert service that users like.

How Bay Alarm Medical Works

This medical alarm for seniors is very easy to work with. You can decide between wearing a wristband or necklace throughout the day. You may not even want to take either off while in the shower or bath since both are completely waterproof and won't be damaged. If an emergency happens, you simply have to push the button to start communicating with someone through the base station. The monitoring system is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

You can have the monitoring technician get in touch with one of your relatives or neighbors whenever you contact them. You will have sent the company your specific contact list upon signing up. If they can't get in touch with one of your contacts, local emergency personnel will be notified.

Each system comes with one pendant, but you can order an extra pendant ($35) for your spouse. The monthly service cost will stay the same.

Another valuable accessory to have is a key lockbox. This is a combination lockbox that holds the keys to your home. You can secure it around the gate or front door of the home. The secret combination code is stored with Bay Alarm Medical’s monitoring center. That way, if an emergency happens and someone from emergency medical services needs to get into your home, they can enter your residence without breaking down and damaging any doors or gates.

Easy Installation and Set-Up

One other important point that should be mentioned in this Bay Alarm Medical review is that the system is extremely easy to install. You simply need to have a spare electrical outlet to plug it into. It's also necessary to have a phone jack, but you can still share the jack with your regular house phone. If you are interest, here is a review of the Bay Alarm Medical installation process.

Once you have installed the system, you can press the emergency button to test the system. The company also recommends weekly testing to make sure that the system continues to be functioning well.

One user said that after their home experienced a power outage due to bad weather, the system's connection was disrupted. A Bay Alarm monitoring technician called to check that everything was fine. It was reassuring for her to know the system was working well.

Great System Range

You should be able to use this medical alarm for seniors virtually anywhere in your home. It has a maximum range between 300 and 400 feet. Although the range depends on the particular construction of your home, for most homes, the range is extensive enough for the system to work even when you're outside in your driveway or garden. If you really need a longer range, Bay Alarm Medical also offers an option to have an up to 1,000 feet long range button.

Customers will also like the fact that the base station is fitted with an extra-sensitive microphone and speaker. Even if you're far away from it, the monitoring technician should be able to hear your voice. If communications cannot be established, someone will be sent to assess the situation.

Accessible Customer Support

Even as elderly people sometimes have trouble with installing the system, they are able to get the support they need. If you find yourself needing help, then you can easily get it online or via phone.

Additional Language Support

Another good thing about this medical alarm for seniors is that the company offers translation services in a wide array of languages. Besides English and Spanish, there are over 170 supported languages in all.

Bay Alarm Medical Battery Backup

With this system, there's no need to worry if you experience a power outage. The base station's battery backup system can hold enough power to operate the unit for more than 30 hours. If you ever accidentally unplug the system, the monitoring center will be notified automatically and will attempt to get into contact with you to let you know about the situation.

Bay Alarm Medical Monitored Smoke, Fire and CO Gas Poison Protection

Besides having monitored medical alert assistance, other key areas of concern is fire, smoke and having the poisonous gas CO carbon monoxide in the house. In standard situations, these detectors will sound off an alarm, and the persons residing in the home are expected to act on it.

With Bay Alarm Medical's CO and smoke monitoring solution (Premier package), a signal will be transmitted to their 24/7 monitoring center and a live technician is on hand to help the senior citizen or customer. The technician will be able to contact someone on the customers' contact list or dispatch emergency help. The Premier package which includes regular home medical alert, CO and smoke monitoring costs about $40 a month with annual prepayment. See Bay Alarm Medical cost below for medical alarm only pricing. At the time of this writing, the CO, smoke/fire/high heat detectors are sent out free, which is rather generous.

Bay Alarm Medical Complaints

We found very few Bay Alarm medical complaints online. Bay Alarm Medical is a BBB accredited business that has a A+ rating at the time of this writing. They have received 52 complaints in the past 3 years.

Based on BBB's rating criteria, we expect Bay Alarm's rating to rise further as it chalks up more years of being a BBB accredited business, and if it maintains the current standards of service.

On the website, at the time of our investigation, there were around 1300 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. This is also another indicator that the service is delivering on customer satisfaction.

Bay Alarm Medical Cost and Contracts

Bay Alarm Medical offers very affordable pricing for its systems without requiring any type of multi-year contract commitments. This is one area where the company definitely stands out when compared to similar companies in the industry. There are no fees for getting started or activating the system. You aren't forced to sign a long-term contract if you don't want to either. You have the option of paying on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

The service costs $29 per month, but Bay Alarm offers further discount options if you pay on a quarterly or annual basis. If you pre-pay for 6 months, the cost breaks down to only $25 per month. This is very likely the best deal you will find for any brand-name quality medical alert system service.

For periodic special Bay Alarm Medical offers, call them at toll-free 1-855-544-7516.

14-Days Refund Period

In addition, the company tries to make it risk-free for people to sign up. If you aren't satisfied, there is a money-back guarantee within 14 days. There is a 14 days trial period for users.

However, the Bay Alarm Medical company will not extend any refunds for pre-payments after 14 days. If you purchase an annual plan, and you cancel the device and service after 6 months, you will not receive a refund for any unused months prepaid. If you are unsure of how long you will need the service, it's best to keep the prepayment time frame short.

After reading this Bay Alarm Medical review, hopefully you now have a better idea on what the company and service is about, and if it could a good fit for your needs. Overall, it’s a quality service that works well and is easy to install. It doesn't hurt that the pricing is very attractive right now.

Getting Started

To sign up for the service, call toll-free 1-855-544-7516 or click here: Bay Alarm Medical.

If you are already a Bay Alarm Medical alert service user, you can add your personal feedback here: Bay Alarm Medical reviews - add my own.

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