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Medical Alert Systems Reviews
Medical Alert Systems Reviews
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Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Alert 1 Medical Alert Reviews

Shoppers interested in the Alert 1 (Alert One) brand of medical alert services will be glad to know that most Alert 1 medical alert reviews are positive. It is often considered a highly reliable service with very friendly pricing and terms of use.

A Review of How Alert One Medical Alarm Service Works

The Alert 1 medical alarm system allows users to easily and quickly establish contact with either loved ones, caregivers or emergency medical services when a medical emergency happens at home. Customers are given a panic button that they can wear either around the neck as a pendant or on the wrist as a bracelet. These buttons are waterproof and can be worn either in the shower or bath. There are additional options for satellite buttons to be placed in other areas of the home like the bathroom or hallway.

Once the panic button is pressed, a friendly and trained monitoring personnel will come on the phone within moments. The monitoring response specialist can offer immediate assurance to the senior person in need and assess the situation. Once they have assessed the situation, they can go ahead and contact someone on the responder list like a child, relative or loved one, or local emergency medical services to the home and help the customer.

The Alert1 monitoring response specialist will speak with the customer through a base medical alarm unit that is attached to the phone line. The base medical alarm unit has a highly sensitive microphone designed to faciliate clear two-way conversations even if the user is far from the unit physically. There are also options to rent or purchase additional voice extender units and place them around the home for clearer communications.

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Installation And Set-Up

The system is easy to install and set up. The company will send the equipment off to the customer's home. The main steps are to plug the medical alarm unit to a power outlet, and connect it to a phone line using the supplied phone jack.

Customers appear to handle this well, and you can find very little Alert 1 complaints about installation and set-up of the system. The ease of the set-up removes any expensive set up cost and activation costs that competitors charge $50 and much more for.

Alert 1 Medical Alert Review - Is The Service Reliable?


With Alert 1, home users can definitely experience good reception that to activate the alarm from any corner of the home. The advertised range of reception is 600 ft when measured in an open field. Although the effective range can diminish quickly (to 300 ft or less) in an indoor home environment with walls and other obstacles, for most homes, it is still wide enough to get the alarm activated from one end of the home to another.

Another great feature of the system is the allowance for placing voice extender boxes to different rooms or areas of the home. For anyone who is concerned about establishing clear two-way communications when they are far from the base medical alarm unit, these voice extender boxes will solve the problem.

Response Time

The average response time of Alert1 is said to be under a minute. Users of the system are quick to point out that their calls for help are always answered quickly and politely.

Monthly Tests

A great feature of the Alert 1 medical system is that it automatically calls the monitoring center every 28 days. That ensures that the system is working well at all times, as we never know when an emergency can happen.

What Happens When Power Goes Out

A key worry that users have to what happens when their is a power failure at home. With the Alert One system, the system will default to running on a backup battery that offers up to 24 hours of service. The medical alert panic buttons have indicator lights that will lightup and flash when pressed. This will let users know the batteries are working.

Alert 1 Cost

In regards to what Alert 1 cost to run, prospective customers can heave a sigh of relief as it is one of the less expensive systems available, despite the comprehensive set of features they have made available. There are also no installation and activation fees, or long term contracts. Service is month-to-month. The basic price for monthly service is $29.95, with additional discounts and free buttons for annual and quarterly prepaid accounts.

The company also offers a 30 day trial period where they are willing to provide a full refund to dissatisfied customers. This is certainly a great gesture from Alert 1 and not a standard amongst the industry. The company also makes it clear that any prepaid fees will not be refunded after this 30 day period.

From time to time, Alert 1 offers special gifts or discounts to new customers. You can check the official Alert1 Medical Alert Systems site to find out more.


Most Alert 1 medical alert reviews users are upbeat about the service. A key benefit of this service when compared to other home personal emergency response systems is the option to add voice extender boxes for better clearer communications. According to, this is one of the better companies to consider. We recommend that you take a little time to compare Alert 1 reviews with reviews of other companies before you buy. A good system to compare with is Lifestation - it consistently gets high ratings, and has a very well-trained staff handling emergency calls.

If you are already an Alert 1 medical service customer, you are invited to add your voice here: Alert 1 medical service reviews - add your own.