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In this ADT medical alert review, we take a look at the reliability of the service, the most valuable features considered by users and how it compares with other medical alert services in terms of its pricing.

A Review Of How ADT Medical Alert Works

The ADT medical alert service is a personal emergency response system that offers seniors a way to communicate and get help in emergencies that prevent them from getting to the phone. A common scenario is when they slip and fall. The equipment consists of a base unit and the Instead of sitting helpless for hours, all they need to do is press the button on their medical alert pendant or wristband. This action will trigger an ADT medical alarm and connect the user with an ADT monitoring specialist. These emergency calls are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through a two way intercom, the ADT specialist can communicate with the senior person in need and get them the help they need. As appropriate, they will also be able to notify children, relatives, caregivers or Emergency Medical Services (911).

The ADT medical alert base station also provides warnings when temperatures get too high or too low temperature to be unsafe for the home. This presents additional safety monitoring in case of fire or weather related mishaps.

Installation And Set-Up

Installation and set-up is usually done by an authorized ADT medical alert systems technician at a cost of $75. It is a fairly straight-forward process. There is also a self-installation option available in case there is no ADT authorized center in your area. In that case, there will be no installation fee. ADT medical alert system pricing is discussed further along in this review.

ADT Medical Alert System Review - Is The Service Reliable?

Overall, the ADT medical alert system works very reliably. The service offers fast response time and a wide wireless reception range so that the panic button works even if the user is far from the base unit. In addition, they encourage users to perform monthly tests on the system to ensure that it works when they need it to work. Let's take a closer look at these factors.

Response Time

While there is no published data on ADT medical alert's response time, people who have used and tested the system say that it is very quick and timely. One reviewer classified it at 45 seconds or less.


The range of the unit is 300 feet, which is a great range for most home users. However, objects and walls can cause interference. If the user is constantly far is one corner of the home or out in the garden, it's a good idea to test the system out

Another point of consideration is whether the user will be able to speak and listen through the intercom at all times for unencumbered two-way communication. Although the intercom is made to be very sensitive to voices and clear to listen to, there may be situations where the user is far from the base station and cannot communicate with the ADT monitoring specialist. In those cases, the specialist will call for help on the user's behalf.

Monthly Testing Reminders

Every month, a test light comes up to remind the user to test out the system. This is very important, as many users of medical alert services do not have a real emergency for using them over a long time. A personal emergency response system must provide a way to ensure that it is always kept at tip-top condition. The system has a built-in test light that flashes every 30 days to remind users to test that everything is working fine. This is a great feature that distinguishes the ADT medical alert system from many others.

What Happens When Power Goes Out

When power goes out, the ADT medical alarm system defaults to a back-up battery as power source to keep it working. The battery life can last from 12 to 20 hours. Instead of letting the battery run out of juice on its own, the situation is communication to the ADT monitoring center. As the battery gets to a low point, an ADT monitoring specialist will be notified through an alert sent the base unit. This will prompt the specialist to call on the user to check that everything is running fine at the home of the user. This is another highlight of the ADT medical alarm system.

One user had a situation where there was a power failure at her home and the battery took over. After about 20 minutes, she received a call from a representative at ADT wanting to check if everything is OK, and if she needed any kind of assistance. The user was very highly satisfied with how the situation was handled.

ADT Medical Alert System Cost

Along with all the high level of service provided, the ADT medical alert system also comes with a somewhat higher end price tag. There is a one time installation fee of $75, plus an activation fee of $75. The cost of the service is $34.95 a month, with an initial contract period of 1 year required. At the time of this writing, ADT has an offer that waives the installation fee.

Discounts are available either for existing ADT customers or AARP members. ADT customers pay $49 in installation instead of the usual $75. Monthly monitoring is discounted by $15/ month to $29.95.

For AAPR members, installation and activation is discounted to $60 each. Members can also take another $2 offer the monthly fees (to $32.95).

ADT Medical Alert Reviews

In general, ADT medical alert reviews from customers is very positive. Customers also find the company personnel and dealers pleasant to work with. Compared to other services where people complain about having to deal with aggressive sales reps who want to get them signed on quickly, customers have a much better experience with ADT. Here are some reviews by customers (paraphrased to fit):

I chose ADT upon the recommendation of my cousin. Shortly after installing the new system, my mum fell down and could not get up. She pressed a button and got connected with a representative who help dispatch the help needed for her. This system made it easy for her to get help. I shudder to think about the consequences otherwise. - William

I read a lot of reviews and considered ADT and another company. I chose ADT and the experience has been tremendous. Interactions with all representatives from the company including the sales person and technician have been friendly. I also like the light comes on each month to remind us to test the system. The monthly testing is not just talk. They proactively want us to test their system. - Jerry

If you are already an ADT medical alert system user and like to add your input, visit: ADT Medical Alert reviews - add your own.


The majority of ADT medical alert reviews by users are positive. As a leader in the home security industry, ADT is also demonstrating a high level of reliability and expertise in running a home health monitoring service. If you are just starting your search for the best medical alert system for you or a loved one, this is a good service to keep in mind as you compare and read reviews about services as well. For example, an alternative that is very similar but less costly is Bay Alarm Medical.