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Thank you for visiting us at the Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site. This dedicated to the important topic of medical alert systems, PERS (personal emergency response systems), alarms and related devices.

With an aging population, medical alert systems are playing a critical in helping seniors continue their independent living arrangements while offering protection in case they face an medical emergency. These alarms and systems also allow their children more peace of mind or better sleep at night, knowing that they will be alerted if something happens.

Thanks to mass advertising by a company called Life Alert with a popular tagline about an old lady falling and cannot get up, there is heightened awareness about the availability of such services. Currently, there are dozens of companies providing medical alert services. Sometimes, it can get confusing which one to pick. The purpose of this website is to reviews about various companies and their systems. This allows our visitors to make more informed purchase decisions and be more happily served.

Our website is not sponsored any particular company. We hope that our visitors will take the time to check out our reviews, as well as reviews beyond this website, and the various company websites as well. That way, you can use the information and feedback provided to help yourself make the best decision. On this website, there are various links to companies, and it is possible that we will be sent a referral commission should a visitor purchase products or services mentioned on this website.

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If you are already a user of certain medical alert systems, PERS, alarms and related devices, we would love to hear about your experiences and feedback here: Add My Review. Or if there is any type of device or system you like us to report on, please send us an email.

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