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Are there any highly rated medical alert systems recommended by the AARP? This is a question often asked by people who are seriously shopping for best senior medical alert systems for themselves or a loved one.

It turns out that the AARP does not endorse any particular medical alert system. There are a number of good companies that offer discounts to AARP members. However, these are listed more as a courtesy and a resource to their members. It is not a reflection that the AARP has reviewed and rated the services. They are not officially AARP approved and recommended to their members.

Even as there aren't officially AARP approved medical alert systems, AARP does recognize the importance of such systems. In an AARP article, Medical Alert Devices to the Rescue, published on their site, it gave a look into how these systems are helpful and provided several shopping tips for people who are looking into a medical alert system.

An elderly gentlemen had fallen off a stool that broke and he bled profusely. His wife was downstairs and could not hear his cries for help. Luckily, he was able to activate a medical alert using the button device, and that set off a chain of communications that got him the help he needed.

Medical Alert Systems AARP Tips

The AARP article further offered these tips to shoppers. First of all, people are advised to read up on and compare several systems before choosing one. Another factor is the cost of the system. Lots of companies charge set-up fees and monthly fees.

At, we believe that these are important points for consideration. While lots of medical alert systems look like they have the same features and benefits, there are differences in terms of the type of training that the medical alert dispatchers have undergone. Whether services have in-house monitoring centers, or they outsource it to another company can also make a difference. The quality of the equipment offered can also differ. If you haven't already, take a look these various medical alert systems reviews.

Cost is of course a key thing to consider, especially since monthly subscription costs add up over time. Believe it or not, it's not always the most expensive service that is the best. According to the AARP medical alert systems article, monthly costs can range from $30 to $60. Companies can offer just about the same level of service you may need but are priced at $5 - $10 per month less than others. If you are looking for a basic monitoring service without the bells and whistles of voice extenders or extra long ranges, there are good services available at the sub-$30 per month range. (More on that below.)

Another tip offered on the AARP article asks that buyers of medical alert systems review their contracts and cancellation terms before signing up. There are companies that ask for multi-year contract commitments. So once you sign up, you can be stuck for a while, even if you dislike the service, or realize that there are better or cheaper ones out there. However, more and more, we see a lot of good companies that work with customers on a month to month basis. In case the senior user moves, or make other living arrangements, such that the service is not longer needed, it is hassle-free to cancel.

With all that considered, here are some highly rated medical alert systems that either offer AARP discounts, or are competitive in terms of their features and pricing. As a tip, if you are an AARP member, you can always ask about AARP discounts for any medical alarm system you want to sign up with. Since companies know that they are serving a mostly senior market, a number of systems do provide an AARP discount as an incentive.

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is the senior medical alert service by Bay Alarms. They offer discounts for AARP members. Like ADT, Bay Alarms has an excellent reputation in offering home security systems. Although less obvious than Philips Lifeline or ADT in terms of immediate name recognition, they have built a large and happy customer base for their quality service. This is a company that strives to be helpful to their many customers who trust their professional approach. In terms of cost, it beats out Philips Lifeline and ADT.

Monthly prices start at $25 a month. No long term contracts, no installation costs.

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Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline is one of the largest medical alert system providers in the US. They offer 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring service. The Philips Lifeline medical alert service also presents additional upgrades for customers who need more services, such as for medicine dispensing, options for voice extension boxes and auto-fall alerts. The service is approximately $30 per month, and there may be an installation fee of $60 - $70 or more. There is no long term contract.

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Lifestation Medical Alert

Lifestation is a highly regarded provider medical alert systems. They have a great rating with the BBB and specialize fully in medical alert systems. One distinguishing feature of their service is the level of training required from their monitoring center representatives. Representatives undergo a training program to become certified.

Monthly prices are as low as $28 a month. No long term contracts, no installation costs. readers receive an extra $24 discount a year with the coupon code SAVEMAS.

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ADT Medical Alert

ADT is a well-known name in the home security business, but they are also well-regarded for their medical alert systems. The ADT service is widely available nationwide. One added advantage of the ADT medical alert system is that the base console is sensitive to changes in temperature. So besides the usual medical emergencies, it also offers added protection in case of fire or other heat related emergencies. It costs $33 per month and $75 for installation after AARP discounts. An initial 12-month contract may apply.

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