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Welcome to the Medical Alert Systems Reviews site. On this site, you can find medical alert reviews of the top personal emergency response systems (PERS), senior alert systems and devices.

Medical Alert Systems Reviews - Understanding The Benefits

According to many medical alert systems reviews from users, these medical alert systems can literally save lives. Also called personal emergency response systems or PERS, they work by allowing users to send an alarm out and get the help they need when they experience medical emergency situations. Seniors living alone have experienced situations where they fall down, hurt themselves and are unable to get up. Other circumstances include experiencing a stroke, heart attack and seizures. The way a medical alert alarm system works is that the person affected presses a panic button that is wirelessly connected to a base unit and a phone line. A phone call is immediately placed to either a monitoring center in the case of monitored services, or directly to a friend, caregiver or emergency medical services in case of non-monitored services.

Currently, there are a number of companies providing these medical alert alarm services. Through research of these various companies' websites and user feedback, we have prepared these medical alert systems reviews to help you shop and compare these medical alert systems to find the best to fit your needs and budget.

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Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Lifestation Medical Alert System Reviews

Lifestation is a top medical alert systems service provider that has garnered lots of positive reviews from customers. Like Lifeline and Life Alert, they also offered monitored services. They distinguish themselves by the high quality of their monitoring center personnel. Even as most companies outsource the 24/7 monitoring service to third-party firms, Lifestation takes no such chance. Their monitoring center is 100% in-house, and Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) certified. Everyday, calls are reviewed by supervisors to ensure continuing high standards. The monitoring specialists are trained to stay on the call with their senior customers until help arrives.

Another plus about the Lifestation medical alert system is the lack of long term contracts and start-up fees. Their service cost under $30 a month. Readers of receive an extra $3 off a month or $36 off a year here.

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Bay Alarm Medical Reviews

Medical Alert Systems Reviews - Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is the medical alert systems arm of Bay Alarm, a company that is well established in the field of security monitoring systems. As much as we can tell, Bay Alarm appears to be company that stays true to its stated mission of offering protection to important areas in a person's life like health and independence. While the product of home medical alert alarms is a relatively newer endeavor for the 65-year-old company, they have successfully put together a user-friendly system that customers like and trust. Users also like that the staff at the company are helpful and professional in their approach. The basic system consists of a base unit, pendants that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and access to a 24/7 monitoring center for emergency help.

Bay Alarm Medical's services are priced competitively. Their month's service costs $27.95 a month when paying month-to-month, and it goes as low as $19.95 a month when it is on sale.

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Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System Reviews

No medical alert system reviews site will be complete without mentioning the Philips Lifeline medical alert system. Philips Lifeline is one of the largest provider of medical alert services in the US and Canada. They offer round the clock 24/7 monitored medical alert services. Philips Lifeline distinguishes itself by the attractive pendants and additional quality equipment options that can improve the experience of using a medical alert system. For example, they offer the option of additional voice communicator units that can be placed around the home for establishing better two-way communications. They also provide options for an auto-alert service for automatic fall detection, in case the user loses consciousness and is unable to manually press the button.

Price-wise, the Philips Lifeline system tends to be a little more expensive than the average service. However, there are no long term contracts, and users can keep it on a month-to-month basis. The cost is $35 a month, and the Lifeline system also requires a $70 - $100 installation fee.

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Alert 1 Medical Alert System Reviews

Alert 1 is a medical alert system that offers monitored service for users. According to user reviews, the system includes a number of useful options, such as additional voice extender units and extension panic button devices. Like other home medical alert systems, the base medical alarm communicator unit is how a person can have a conversation with the monitoring center representative. Conversation can become difficult is the user is immobilized in one room and the base unit is in another. Through voice extenders, it's easier to have clearer conversations no matter where you are at home. There are also options to place additional panic buttons in different areas of the home. Overall, it's a system that comes with meaningful add-ons that can enhance the service experience.

The Alert 1 medical alarm system costs under $30 a month, with additional discounts if the customers pays quarterly or annually. There are no long term contracts required.

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Life Alert Reviews

Life Alert is another big provider of senior alert systems, and frequently featured in medical alert systems reviews. The company brought attention to the value of medical alert systems through their "I've fallen and I can't get up" advertising campaign. They continue to be one of the top-selling systems, thanks to their marketing campaigns and hard-working sales force. Life Alert offers 24/7 monitoring, so that when a user presses on the panic button, they are quickly connected to a representative for help. Users who have used the service find it reliable. Life Alert also offers additional service options like for carbon monoxide and fire detection and alerts.

The main Life Alert complaints have to do with the high pressure sales tactics employed and the long term contracts required. The service costs about $35 a month, and they do charge a hefty start-up fee (around $300).

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Rescue Alert Reviews

Rescue Alert is a well-established medical alert systems company that has been in business since 1986. They are a respected service provider with an A+ BBB rating. Users like the reliability and high technical standards of the system. The Rescue alert system includes a well engineered base communications console with in-built diagnostics to test for the power status of the unit and panic button. Their monitoring center attendants are EMD certified. This has an important bearing on the way calls for help are handled. Customers will receive help from personnel who have been professionally trained and certified to provide help in medical emergencies.

The Rescue Alert system is flexible in its pricing. The cost for renting the equipment and service ranges between $20 to $30 a month. You can also purchase the equipment upfront, and then pay a reduced monthly cost.

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ADT Medical Alert System Reviews

Though ADT is less well frequently featured amongst senior alert systems reviews, it is a familiar brand name. Many know of ADT as the leader in home security services, and they also offer 24/7 monitored home medical alarm services. Users rate the system high for its reliability. An advantage of ADT is its wide distributor network, which means that most people will likely find a local company that can help with service and installation. Although medical alert systems are considered easy to install and set-up, some people prefer to get the help of trained technicians. The ADT medical alert service also detects when temperature becomes too high or too low, which provides another layer of protection for the safety of the user while at home.

The cost of the service is about $35 a month, and it requires a initial contract for 12 months. There are additional discounts for ADT customers and AARP members.

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LifeFone Medical Alert System Reviews

In the field of medical alert or personal emergency responses systems, LifeFone is a reputable company with over 30 years of field experience. The good news is that are lots of positive LifeFone reviews from satisfied customers, affirming that the company is a serious and reliable medical alert systems provider. LifeFone offers panic bracelets and pendants that customers can conveniently wear as they go about their daily activities. This is a monitored alert system, so that customers will be able to speak with a live representative when they click on the panic button to issue an alert.

The cost of the Lifefone personal emergency response service is less than $30 a month. There is a discounted option when you pay by the quarter for by the year. There is no need to sign any long term contracts.

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Before you purchase a system, take some time to check out the medical alert systems reviews on this site as well as the various provider websites. Currently, all of the best-selling systems will do a good and reliable job in terms of their services. However, some systems offer additional features, or have staff considered friendlier and in how they handle customer calls. By reading these reviews and checking out the details, you can ensure a satisfied experience with your medical alert system in the years to come.